Miami Florida Is A Great Place For All Ages

No other place on earth says sun, sea and sand more than Miami in Florida. Made famous around the world thanks to a number of TV programs and movies, it is now one of the most visited vacation locations around.

Not only do millions of people who live within the United States visit the area, but most of the tourists are those who fly in, landing at Miami International Airport. There are a huge number of hotels to select from, ranging from the budget category, all the way up to the expensive executive hotels. So, there is something for everyone.

One of the biggest draws for this region is the weather. For those looking for a climate that is great all year round, then you can’t go far wrong with Miami. Yes, occasionally a hurricane may approach the area, but that happens infrequently. Most years will only see above average rainfall during the months of June through to September. Average temperatures on the other hand only fluctuate between 31C (88F) and 38C (100F), with the lowest being during the night in January when it can drop to 15C (60F). Not only is it popular with tourists because of the weather, many people also move to live there because of it.

Being located on the Atlantic coast means that the air is always fresh, it has been ranked highly in the cleanest city list in the US for a number of years. Clean air often means healthier living for many people, probably why the average life expectancy for people who live in the area is higher than the national average. One more thing that the city is well known for is its massive harbor. This is a major stop-off point for many cruise liners that tour the Caribbean.

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The seafront is easy to recognize, as many of the buildings are in Art Deco design and colors. This makes them stand out when compared to the more modern buildings. As well as the historical buildings, and of course the beaches, there are also many restaurants to visit. Cuisine from all over is available due to the mix of cultures. For those who like to keep fit, then bicycling, skateboarding and using skates is popular, and can often be seen while walking along the promenade.

No visit to Miami would be complete without traveling to see the famous Everglades. There are many tours which can be arranged at the hotel, and a trip on an air-boat will be an unforgettable experience. Especially when you get to see some of the natural wildlife, such as the crocodiles. A day trip to Key West is also a unique experience, as you travel along a multitude of beautiful islands surrounded by clear blue water.

For those who like to shop, then there are no shortage of malls, with the Aventura Mall being one of the biggest. Thanks to the great all year round weather, and competitive prices for the hotels, it is a wonderful location for people of any age.

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