Barcelona Travel Tips – A Guide to Getting Around

Barcelona has actually a public transport system that is a total pleasure for people to this spectacular city.

The totally incorporated system allows you to bypass inexpensively and easily all day and night a-day. The Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona may be the organization that is responsible for co-ordinating not merely the city’s Metro and bus systems but in addition the trams and regional train services.

By far the quickest option to travel round the Catalan money town is through the undoubtedly exemplary Metro system, with a simple to check out colour-coded course map that comes as a blessed relief to those much more used to attempting to decipher London’s underground maps. There are many than adequate programs – you’re never ever extremely definately not one anywhere your wanderings just take you – plus they are quickly recognizable because of the indications using the blue page M within the purple diamond. An individual ride costs €1.25 – but, once we shall see later on – there are many great deals available.

The coach roads – and there are many more than 80 outlines across the city – may possibly not be since quick whilst the Metro however they definitely provide an easy method of witnessing the many architectural splendours – ranging from the strange Gaudi inspired architecture towards the much more classically empowered splendours the city provides. The coach stops have reached purple indications with brown benches underneath a tiny roofing and the majority of the buses in Barcelona are actually wheelchair obtainable, with many having wheelchairs lifts. For late-nighters, Barcelona provides a comprehensive evening service, the Nitbus, which works until 4.30 each morning and goes past almost all of the popular night venues – some can also simply take you straight to the airport.

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It is possible to collect free maps showing all the city’s coach and Metro outlines – including the Nitbus – at tourist workplaces and Metro stations – and resort hotels often have them. The Tourist and Leisure Cards that offer significant savings on fares can be obtained at TMB customer support centres, Metro channels, Newsagents, Tourist Suggestions Offices plus at Lottery attempting to sell outlets. A two day card supplying endless usage prices €10.70, a three day card €14.30 and a five time €23.10 – and remember that they are legitimate for the TMB solutions.

Of course, Barcelona comes with its share of taxis if you choose this mode of transportation or who have baggage they must stow. Barcelona cabs are often recognised by their black and yellowish colouring and, of course, have the green light on the top which shows these are typically ‘libre’ – lliure in Catalan. If the light is yellow, then the taxi is unavailable for hire or occupied. Currently there is certainly the very least fare of €1.80, with rates at €0.82 per kilometre or €1.04 per kilometre at nights and weekends. Clearly you may expect surcharges for luggage, etc and, if you should be seeking to travel through the airport by cab, the minimum cost is €15.00, with €1 for each and every item of luggage.

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Regarding taxis, it’s also to keep in mind, though, that much of the centre of Barcelona is pedestrianised and allows access simply to buses, so might there be certain areas taxis cannot take you.

Barcelona is recognized as, justifiably, one of European countries’s most appealing locations – mixing, because it does, beach and city, ancient and modern-day, local and worldwide. As befits these types of a venue, the public transportation methods come in spot to make sure that site visitors can definitely maximize their particular time there

For more information on getting around Barcelona, such as the Barcelona metro and Car hire in Barcelona see Barcelona Travelogue.

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